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Staying Sane While Starting A Home Business

By : Michael Durrant   

Starting a new business can be a harried experience. There are a myriad of decisions to be made, the budget needs stretched, the new secretary quits before the end of the first week: the struggles are endless. When starting a business from your home, you can add a slew of unique challenges to the list. Being aware of the potential pitfalls, and preparing for them can provide a way of preserving your sanity.

home Friends and family members frequently assume that if you are at home, you are available. Nothing can set your work back hours, faster than an unplanned visit from your mother. Setting clear boundaries regarding your schedule and availability for phone calls and visits can prevent misunderstandings early on in the life of your business. If you are choosing to keep your small children home with you while you work, that carefully planned schedule can quickly become fodder for your three year old.

Getting up early is often the best way to increase your productivity while those little angels are still slumbering away. Having a contingency plan for days when the work load requires more attention than usual is an excellent way to head off disasters before they happen. Find local babysitters who are willing to come to your home to help out when needed. Recruit friends and family to provide occasional entertainment for short periods of time to allow you to work without interruptions.

Anything that helps you keep focused is a good investment in preserving your sanity. So what are some of the perks to having a home based business? To start, you can keep your own hours. Your schedule is as flexible as you are. Need to see the dentist? Make your appointment for whenever.

No more waiting around for that first appointment of the day or trying to find an office open after five. Kids have a mid-week soccer game? Not a problem. Better yet, you know that cable repairman that says he will show up sometime between 11 am and 4 pm? You can tell him, Thats perfect. and really mean it because you are home all day anyways.

Now you have real freedom to pursuit what you consider important in life such as family, friends and the pleasure of life. especially at tax time. Consulting with a tax expert or accountant early on will arm you with the knowledge necessary to save you time and money when filing your first years business taxes.

Working from home means that you can now embrace that chronic insomnia that made you late for traditional jobs and left you dozing off during meetings. Just think of all the money you save by working from home.

There is no need to buy that new suit and impressive pair of heels. Your cat does not care how professional you look. You can work naked if the urge strikes you, (just make sure the blinds are closed or you might get unsolicited visits from your neighbors).

Finding service providers that are both competent and trustworthy is a lesson in perseverance. The business directories, internet advertisements and even newspaper ads are clogged with scams and incapable providers. Seeking the advice of a seasoned home business veteran can be your salvation.

Word of mouth will reveal strengths and problems with service providers. If you find that you have chosen poorly and end up with a full sized, ten year old copier in your den instead of that sleek, all-in-one model with all the bells and whistles that you paid for, do not despair.

Do not back down either. You can explain your dissatisfaction firmly and politely while explaining that the services were not acceptable. If after bringing the blunder to the business attention, you are still left feeling cold, you can report the offender to the Better Business Bureau: and call for legal advice. Using good old common sense, a little street smarts and a lot of charm and honesty will help your achieve your business goals, while allowing you to keep your sanity and your home life intact.